Introducing the Nordic Championship

Rocket League Nordic Championship is coming 11th to 13th of September! 16 teams will play in the tournament, four from each hosting Nordic country – Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. The winner of the national league of the four hosting countries has a direct invite to the Nordic Championship group stage.

Iceland will also be introduced to the tournament, Icelandic teams can join in the Danish qualifier, as Iceland does not have their own qualifier for this first edition of the Nordic Championship. For future championships, we’ll be looking to extend the qualifiers, with Iceland having their own national qualifier as well.

National open qualifiers are held August 23rd and August 28th. All qualifiers are 3v3 double-elimination. Teams can play in both qualifiers. On August 23rd, two teams per qualifier will make it into the Nordic Championship. On August 28th, one team per qualifier will secure the final spots in the tournament.

The players permitted to play are country specific, meaning that each country has their own qualifiers where only the citizens of the specific country can play. This is to emphasize the “national team” atmosphere we’re looking for in the Nordic Championship, playing on the brotherhood and natural rivalry that exists between the Nordic countries.

Registration to qualifiers is open now


Open Qualifier 1 | Sunday 23.8.


  • Matches start 14.00 CEST
  • Top two teams of each qualifier will advance to the Nordic Championship group stage

Open Qualifier 2 | Friday 28.8.


  • Matches start 18.00 CEST (except Finland 17.00 CEST)
  • Winner of each qualifier will advance to the Nordic Championship group stage
    • Winner of the upper bracket has a one game advance against the winner of the lower bracket in the Grand final
    • Grand final is BO7

Nordic Championship Group Stage | Friday 11.9. & Saturday 12.9.

16 teams/4 groups/BO5

  • 11.9. Groups A & B
    • Group A starts 17.00 CEST
    • Group B starts 19.00 CEST
  • 12.9. Groups C & D
    • Group C starts 14.00 CEST
    • Group D starts 17.00 CEST
  • GSL/Dual Tournament format
  • Each group consists of four teams, one team from each Nordic country
  • The winner of the upper bracket and winner of the lower bracket in each group will advance to playoffs
  • 3rd and 4th are eliminated from the tournament

Nordic Championship Playoffs | Sunday 13.9.

8 teams/Single elimination playoffs/BO5

  • Playoffs start 14.00 CEST
  • Final is BO7


Nordic Championship official rules can be read here

Prize Pool

5000 €

Invited teams

  • MINKZ Gaming (YouSee eSportligaen, Denmark)
  • Team Winland (Rakettiliiga PRO, Finland)
  • Gemini (Telialigaen, Norway)
  • Olliolade Animals (Svenska Raketligan, Sweden)


We highly urge all teams and fans to become members of our discord server to get notifications on the latest information about the championship. The discord server also provides teams and RL lovers a place to interact with the Nordic community, or, for example, find a scrim in the looking-for-scrims text channel for those interested in practicing against other Nordic teams. Join Rocket League Nordic Discord here: