Nordic Championship official rules


1.1. The organizers have the right to change the rules in the middle of the season if they deem it necessary.

1.2. In case of violation of the rules, the organizers decide on the penalties according to the seriousness of the violation.
1.2.1. Violations are dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

1.3. Players are allowed to stream their matches themselves. The streamer must mention Nordic Championship in the title of the stream. Server information must not appear in the stream.

1.4. The Nordic championship’s primary website is and the primary communication channel is RL Nordic Discord:

1.5. Captains must join the Discord. Players are encouraged to join the discord as well.


2.1. Anyone over the age of 13 with the citizenship of Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden or Iceland can participate in the Nordic Championship.
2.1.1. Children under the age of 16 must submit a permit form from their guardian upon entering the group stage of the Nordic Championship.

2.2. Players must have a citizenship of the country in which qualifier they intend to participate in – excluding Icelandic teams, who must participate in the Danish qualifier.

2.3. Players register for the Open Qualifiers using the registration form provided by the national organizers.
2.3.1. The team chooses a captain from among themselves who is responsible for communicating with the tournament organizers (for more detailed rules for the team, see section 7 Team).

2.4. You can participate in the league on the following platforms: PC, Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch.
2.4.1 Players must have cross-platform play enabled in matches.

2.5. By registering, the team accepts the schedule and therefore undertakes to play at a time set by the organizer.

2.6 Players banned from Rocket League at the time of a Nordic Championship match (including Open Qualifier matches) are also banned from participating in the Nordic Championship.


3.1. Teams will qualify to the Nordic Championship on the basis of two double elimination qualifying tournaments per country.
3.1.1. Denmark will host two qualifiers, Finland will host two qualifiers, Norway will host two qualifiers and Sweden will host two qualifiers. Icelandic teams must play in the Danish qualifiers.
3.1.2. Organizers of the countries are responsible for hosting their own qualifiers.

3.2. The top two teams from the first qualifier and the winner of the second qualifier advance to Nordic Championship group stage.
3.2.1. A team can register for both Open Qualifiers
3.2.2. When a team progresses from the first qualifier, registration for the second Open Qualifier will be removed.

3.3 Some matches will be streamed. Admins will contact the teams of the streamed matches.

3.4. National Open Qualifier 1.
3.4.1. Open Qualifier 1 is held Sunday 23/8 starting at 14:00 CEST. The format of the qualifier will be double-elimination BO5. The top two teams will advance to the Nordic Championship group stage.

3.5. National Open Qualifier 2.
3.5.1. Open Qualifier 2 is held Friday 28/8 starting at 18:00 CEST except Finland 17:00 CEST. The format of the qualifier will be double-elimination BO5. The Grand Final will be BO7. Winner of the upper bracket has a one game advantage against the winner of the lower bracket in the Grand final. Winner of the Open Qualifier 2 will advance to Nordic Championship group stage.


4.1. Group stage is played in GSL format
4.1.1. Each series is played best of five.

4.2. Group stage will be played 11/9 and 12/9.

4.3. Match times and more specific information will be published in


5.1. 8 best teams of the group stage make it to the playoffs

5.2. Playoffs will be played on 13/9. More specific times will be announced in

5.3. Playoffs are played as a single elimination bracket with a bronze match.

5.4. Playoff series are played as best of five, except the Grand Final which will be best of seven.

5.5. The match-ups of the first round are determined by the results of the group stage.
Example: Group A 1st vs Group B 2nd


6.1. The server settings are as follows:

6.2. Standard soccar-mode
Team size: 3 vs 3
Bot Difficulty: No bots
Region: Europe
Mutator Settings: Default
Match time 5 minutes

6.3. Matches should be played on DFH Stadium, except if teams agree on another arena. However, arenas are restricted to the following:
Arenas: Champions Field, DFH Stadium (Day), DFH Stadium, Forbidden Temple (Standard), Mannfield, Mannfield (Night), Urban Central, Urban Central (Dawn), Urban Central (Night), Utopia Coliseum, Utopia Coliseum (Dusk), Wasteland (Night)

6.4. Players are not allowed to join the team until all players are on the server.
6.4.1. If the game starts before all players have joined the team, the game will restart from the beginning.

6.5. In streamed matches, admins will signal when the first match of a series is allowed to start.


7.1. A team consists of three or four players.

7.2. All players must be citizens of the country they played a qualifier in. Invited teams that already had a Nordic player in the main roster from a different country are allowed to play him.

7.3. A team must appoint a captain.
7.3.1. The captain’s responsibilities include communication with the tournament organizers / game admin and following the game schedule.
7.3.2. RL Nordic Discord has a text channel for the players where important releases about the season are published, the team and captains are obliged to follow the channel.

7.4. Players’ name changes must be notified to admins and approved.


8.1. A match must start with 6 players present in total. If a player does not show up for the match and the substitute is not available at the time, the team missing a player will have to forfeit the match. In extreme circumstances, the match may be postponed if the admins deem it possible.
8.1.1. For streamed matches: If a team does not show up with at least 3 players at the latest 5 minutes after the announced time, they may be penalized for the loss of the first match (in a BO5 series). If the team does not appear on the server within 10 minutes of the announced time, they may be given a loss for the series.

8.2. Players must take screenshots or replays from off-stream matches to solve possible problem cases.

Problem situations in Off-Stream Matches

8.3. In case of a player disconnect before 30 seconds have passed and no goals have been scored, the team with the disconnected player has the right to restart the game.
8.3.1. In case of a player disconnect after 30 seconds or if a goal has been scored the match will continue to its full-length. The disconnected player can rejoin, or the team can switch in their substitute.
8.3.2. After a game where a disconnection has taken place, the team has 5 minutes to fix the issue, if the issue is not fixed, the match will continue 2vs3, the player can join in at any time.

Problem situations in Streamed Matches

8.4. In case of a disconnect the match can be restarted from the same time and score as when the disconnect happened.
8.4.1. When the disconnection is noticed the play is stopped immediately unless there is a clear scoring chance and the disconnected player is situated so that he would not have had any part in it.
8.4.2. Tournament organizers will use their discretion to determine whether the disconnection affected the current play.
8.4.3. Players are encouraged to write DC in the chat to let organizers know a disconnection happened.
8.4.4. A team is allowed to change in the sub player in the middle of a match only for a good reason, like disconnect issues.
8.4.5. The team has 5 minutes to fix the disconnection issue Teams can decide to use their sub player If the team does not have an available sub and the disconnection is not fixed in 5 minutes, the match will continue 2vs3. The disconnected player or a sub can join in any time.
8.4.6. If there are problems with a server, admins can restart the game.

General problem situations

8.5. If a team has demonstrably used disconnection rules without an acceptable reason, the team can be penalized at the admins discretion.

8.6. If a player stops playing in the middle of the event without good reason, he or she may be denied entry in the future events.

8.7. Disruptive behavior, such as toxic behavior or other unsportsmanlike conduct, is punishable on a case-by-case basis at the admins discretion.


5000 € in total are spread among the teams as seen below:

2000 € to 1st place
1250 € to 2nd place
750 € to 3rd place
400 € to 4th place
150 € to 5th-8th


Nordic Championships aim to be the highest quality and most entertaining league in the Nordic area. The league is accompanied by a professional team and partners. The league would be nothing without skilled players, but we need each other to make this great league concept possible. This is why it is important that we have a Code of Conduct in addition to the rules:
• Be honest with yourself and each other
• Respect your opponent and teammates during and outside games
• Behave in accordance with ethical and moral principles
• Racism and any reference to racism is prohibited and it is advisable to intervene when it occurs
• Games are played to completion
If violations occur, the player concerned may be sanctioned with a warning or removal from the league. Rule violations may be, for example:
• Rage quitting
• Toxicity, bullying, incitement and defamation
• Cheating and 3rd party software use

Rules revised 20/8/2020